Monday, October 26, 2015

Sunday at Pointe aux Pins

Basically the same route was covered at Rondeau (Pointe aux Pins) yesterday morning.  We started with a lakewatch again, which makes the day more interesting I think.  As well, it allows things to warm up and get the birds moving on south point trail!

distant Morpeth Cliffs at dawn

I arrived before it was even light, but the first bird was a Pine Siskin flying over.  Just as Steve and I were ready to head out to the beach, a woodcock got up out of the grasses to start the shorebird list for the day.  We only ended up with a single Dunlin and six Sanderlings for the lakewatch portion.

There were fewer birds today, but more Common Loons on the move.  In about an hour and a half, we counted about 40.  That first local Pacific Loon still eludes Rondeau!

After 9 a.m. we headed over to south point trail.  It was evident that there were fewer birds today, even though the weather was nice.  Besides the Yellow-rumped Warblers, we added only a Common Yellowthroat and an Orange-crowned on the trail.  A late Red-eyed Vireo was also included in the list.  Two young Red-headed Woodpeckers were nice to get for a change.

We checked Harrison Trail again, but few birds were seen along there.

After parting ways, I decided to check out Erieau.  Along the marsh trail, some rails were heard.  A Tree Swallow landed beside me at the viewing stand--the only swallow of the day.

Tree Swallow in a tree

I expect we will see some Cave Swallows soon.  Been a while since I have seen one.  They were quite regular, but as soon as it was delisted from the OBRC, they have become very scarce!

I also walked a bit of McGeachy Pond dike hoping for some butterflies.  I did see a Common Buckeye as I was just out of the car.  Soon after I spotted this Common Painted-Lady.

I was hoping for a Little Sulphur or something like that.  (There was one at Seacliffe as seen by Alan Wormington about the same time!).

It will be interesting to see if we get anything out of these upcoming stiff south winds this week.


Views from Sarnia this evening:

John G. Munson at sunset
I took a brief look at the mouth of Lake Huron as the sun set.  A flock of ~40 shorebirds went by, which I assume were Dunlin.  Lots of gulls heading out too.  The lakewatch has been a bust so far this fall, except for one day that there were some jaegers seen.


  1. Sounds like another good day in Rondeau. Makes me eager to visit the park again sometime. It sounds like you regularly see common buckeye up that way. I've seen them in Perth county only once that I can remember when a storm blew them farther north than usual.

    1. Rondeau has lots of spots to check.
      The Buckeye can wander quite a bit. A few years ago I found one up at Killbear Provincial Park!