Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post OFO Convention Post

After the interesting weekend, things have settled down.

Erieau Pier
The checklist from the OFO convention has not yet been finalized, but it looks like a record-breaker.  My trips to Rondeau and Blenheim added around 12 species to the checklist.  It was certainly a great birding weekend despite the weather.

 It has been a bit quiet this week around here for birds, but one is always on the lookout.  Some birds are getting scarce as the days get shorter (TOO short).  As one would expect, some Chimney Swifts are still around and I saw a couple last evening as I was walking downtown Wallaceburg to attend a presentation of IBA's by Mike Burrell.  It was a fun evening!

Lots of waterfowl moving in as usual, and Rondeau Bay is filling up.  Wigeon are plentiful, and I suspect there is an Eurasian out there somewhere!   This weekend....

I went out to Mitchell's Bay this evening, summer home of the legendary Red Fisher. (I enjoyed watching his shows when I was young).
Lots of Canada Geese and a few Snow Geese.  Also a few Tundra Swans already.

Clouds were rolling in and it was getting too dark for photos.

The Trail

Lots of sparrows (hoping for Le Conte's!) along the shore trail, but nothing unusual.  There were no warblers except for a couple of Yellow-rumped, and a couple of Eastern Phoebes were hunting for insects.

Phoebe of the East

Thanksgiving weekend is almost here, and I always find it good for birding.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Blake, your last posting almost predicted the arrival of Sabine's Gulls at Pelee on the weekend. Great call!! :-)