Friday, October 16, 2015

October Odds 'n Sodds

Since the days are too short now, I don't get much 'birding' in before and after work.  This morning I stopped at Stewart Wetland, virtually in the dark!  I went for a walk anyway, but lots of Song Sparrows were making noise, as well as Swamp Sparrows.

Dawn at Stewart Wetland

There is now a bit of mud showing, so shorebirds should be looked for there.  This morning 12 Killdeer silhouettes were evident.
I stopped by after work and there was a variety of birds.  Just as I arrived, 3 Sandhill Cranes came off Walpole Island.  Some swallows were still around, including at least 3 Tree and a Bank.  It is somewhat late for a Bank Swallow.  I think after this weekend, the Tree Swallows will mostly be gone.
Lots of Swamp Sparrows were coming out of the weeds and reeds.  I always thought this place might be a good spot for a Nelson's.  Perhaps one has gone undetected!

Brander Park has had lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers, but I could not find any other type of warbler there this week.

I went out to Mitchell's Bay Wednesday evening. Lots of geese were coming in at sunset.  Included were several Snow Geese and a little white goose, namely a Ross's!  Sunset is the time to see all the geese moving around, even around the wind turbines.

Many of the flocks were distant though.

(7 Snow Geese at top)
Mitchell's Bay is one of the better places to see a lot of geese.

We are gearing up for winter at work, doing some renovations to the buildings, but there might not be a lot of work this year.  Time will tell.
This week I finished freshening up a 1956 Century.

However, there seems to be a problem with the motor.  I took the head off this morning to investigate.  Hopefully a new head gasket will solve the problem.

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