Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Wind, Willet, Warblers

Saturday I headed up to Sarnia.  Most of the week the weather forecast was looking somewhat promising for a lakewatch, however it completely changed each day, as usual.  It still looked decent Friday night, but once I arrived on Saturday, I knew we were misled yet again.  Although the wind picked up considerably later in the afternoon, it was useless for a lakewatch in the morning.
After some time at the lookout, I left and headed over to Perch Creek Habitat.  It turned out to be a good choice as there were oodles of birds!  The first wave was just up from the parking lot so I stood there for some time.

Philadelphia Vireo

Lots of warblers were streaming by, most of which I was not able to ID.  However, I did see lots of birds.  I ended up with at least 17 species of warblers.
I spent well over an hour at the place, just staying on the main trail.  Lots of Philadelphia Vireos were present and I saw the first Blue-headed of the fall.
There was a good variety of warblers, and some less common ones as well.  Connecticut, Hooded and Blue-winged topped the list.  It seemed almost impossible to get any photos as the birds were very active.

I was home by noon, so after lunch I just headed down to Blenheim Lagoons, then Erieau.  Nothing new was at the lagoons and Willie the Willet was still present. A Willet is an attractive bird in flight!

Down at Erieau I checked out the marsh trail and the west end of McGeachy Pond dyke.  There was a fair number of birds including the first Palm Warblers of the fall migration.  Swainson's Thrushes were in large numbers at each location.  I finally saw several Northern Parulas this weekend.

Today, Sunday, I headed down to Rondeau and met up with the Burk's.  Lots of birds, especially warblers were present again.  But, only a few mosquitoes....what a relief for a change!
However, the warblers were again very active, but many were keeping a low profile due to several Merlins in the area as well as sharpies.
The only shorebirds I found was a Sanderling duo having a conversation on the beach.

The lake was fairly active, but again things were too far out.  Jim and I did see two Little Gulls (an adult and an immature).  Keith had two adults off Dog Beach.
We ended with perhaps 18 species of warblers and 4 species of vireos (one Yellow-throated).

At Blenheim Lagoons, it took a while for me to find Willie today.

I saw some different birds than yesterday including a Stilt Sandpiper and a Short-billed Dowitcher.

Lots of Pectoral Sandpipers were there today (over 50), but no Sharp-tailed.

I spent quite a bit of time at the lagoons, but nothing new was revealed.

I looked at lots of dragonflies this weekend, mostly mosaic darners of course.  I found this pair at Perch Creek.  Likely Shadow Darners.

Lots of Monarch are around now of course.

Not to be confused with Viceroy.

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  1. Looks like Willie gave you a similar flyby view to what he gave me a few days ago. And FYI, I had two Palms on Sept 10....I know, I know, I have an advantage of time available :-).