Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two Rondeau Visits

I went to Rondeau Park both Friday and Saturday mornings.  I spent quite a bit of time watching the lake since it was active.  Most birds were quite far out, as has been the case lately.  Friday I did see a jaeger off south point trail.  I determined it to be a Parasitic.  I have yet to see both Long-tailed and Pomarine at Rondeau, but then again jaegers are extremely rare there.

Saturday was even more active with the stronger wind, so I spent some time at Dog Beach.  Yet again most the birds were way too far out and I could not pick out anything of note.  I saw my first White-winged Scoter of the fall though.  Some gulls waited it out on the beach.

Lots of Sanderlings were scurrying around.

Lots of Turkey Vultures have been moving lately, and over 60 were along the beach this morning.

Yesterday was not too bad for passerines and I observed 12 species of warblers which included several Northern Parula.  I found an excellent group of birds along Harrison south of the maintenance area.  Included was a Scarlet Tanager, very high in a tree.

Both a Peregrine and a Merlin were seen on south point, each in the same tree at different times.

Today (Saturday) seemed virtually dead for passerines!  I only found a few warblers, but added a couple I did not see yesterday (Wilson's and Nashville).

On the way home I stopped by Blenheim Lagoons, but it seems things are a bit stagnant lately.  The Willet was still making its rounds, and I found it in the sprinkler system for a change.  It later moved to its favourite pond.

Miscellaneous Shorebirds
Several Bronze Coppers were around Friday.

Along Harrison Trail, I found some Closed Gentian, which I thought was neat.  Been a while since I have seen some.

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