Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Scenery and Birding

I headed down to Point Pelee early this morning.  Since it is the long weekend, I wanted to get there at some point, and today seemed to be a good day.  I walked to the Tip first thing to see what was going on besides thunder and lightning.  There were lots of warblers, etc. in the woods, but it turned out the lake was not as active as I had hoped today!
Some interesting scenery was there for a couple of hours with thunder and lightning on the lake, and quite a bit of light rain.

Steve Pike joined me and we spent some time taking in the scenery and birds.

The rain was right over us (clear sky to the north and south), making it feel like a typical weekend.  What is a weekend (even it not forecast) without rain?  LOL. Eventually the sun came out though for a very nice day.

There were lots of warblers and thrushes every place I checked today.  A good variety of warblers was seen, with a large number of Blackpoll.
Around lunch time I walked De Laurier and saw lots of birds, including a Golden-winged Warbler. It was not too co-operative for a photo though.

There were not very many butterflies again today.  I came across another Buckeye at NW Beach and a duskywing beside the Cactus Trail.

Lots of darners of course, mostly Lance-tipped I presume.

I checked the onion fields for Buff-breasted, but I guess they do not appear on weekends!

Shorebirds are plentiful at Blenheim right now, so I headed there on the way home. I was interested in the Willet and I finally found it at the last minute just up from the gate!  I thought I had a glimpse of it upon arrival, but then could not find again until later.

There were still a few Redheads (not rare anymore!), both Green and Blue-winged Teal, etc.  The Tundra Swan will likely see its swan song there at freeze-up......


  1. Looks like a male Horace's Dusky-Wing, but hard to tell for sure from the angle of the photo.

    1. That is what I was thinking....just too large for a Wild Indigo at the time, plus the prominent spots.

  2. I'm still waiting to see my first buckeye of the this rate I will strike out! And yes, the Tundra Swan's days will be winding down soon....maybe it will end up as coyote food.

    1. The Buckeye can be around quite late. Not a good year for them though. It is only the third one this year for me!