Friday, July 31, 2015

TGIF: Afternoon Walks

I took off mid afternoon today to look around.  Hardly any butterflies or dragonflies right now, but I looked anyway!

I first stopped at Moore WMA.  Near the parking lot is a good site for prairie/wildflower plantings.  The burgamot is quite prolific this year.  Some Purple Coneflower is here.

I have finally seen lots of Monarchs in this past week.

I got down to the river crossing where usually one can find lots of odes.  A Common Whitetail and a Widow Skimmer were the only dragons! Some damselflies and Ebony Jewelwings were there, but not like they should be.

old oxbow at Moore WMA

Next stop was Nicholl's at Wilkesport.  I did see a Royal River Cruiser there among a few common odes.  I walked through the prairie planting area which is always nice.

Compass Plant point east

A brief stop at Reid (more mosquitoes than anything!) revealed the same Edwards' Hairstreaks.  I found one dead one on Swamp Milkweed though--a sure sign of the times.

This Dukes' Skipper co-operated nicely for the G16.

I find that Reid is the best spot for Royal River Cruisers.  Many were patrolling the trails on my brief visit. A few mosaic darners, possibly Lance-tipped, were around as well.

Has anyone seen a Mocha Emerald this year?  Some are looking!

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