Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14 Local Report

Sunrise on Tuesday at California Gull Point

I had to go back to work today...unfortunately...but that is life!  I checked out Brander Park in Port Lambton first thing this morning and found quite a few warblers.  Most were Yellow-rumped!  Several Palm and others mixed in.  I could not get a look at many of them as they were on the backside of the woodlot taking advantage of the sun.  It got down to minus 1C this morning!

Luckily, I worked outside on a boat tied up along the Snye across from Walpole Island.  It was not like the good old days when I could hear Northern Bobwhite calling all day.  They are missed!  I did hear a Pine Warbler singing all morning which I have heard there before.  I think they must nest in the pines there as I have heard them in early June as well.

This evening I went out to Mitchell's Bay.  Locally known as Ticky Tacky Point, the end of Angler Line is a very active place!

The Yellow-headed Blackbirds are back in full force and I counted at least ten (2 females).  They were constantly changing around, so who knows how many are out there.
I should get out there more often.

Some shorebirds were around including some Dunlin, Black-bellied Plover and a brief appearance of an Avocet.  Too distant for photos.

No sign of any pelicans, but is certainly a good place for them.  They are reported at the Bay every spring.
Hundreds of gulls, lots of terns and ducks.  It is one of the few place to reliably see Common Galinule.  Many Great Egrets.

Some American Golden Plover near Pelee on Sunday

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