Monday, February 2, 2015

Upriver Ducks and Groundhog Day Report

Yesterday I managed to get out before things really went bad.  However, there was not much to see as there was just too much ice on the St. Clair River.  It is certainly a real winter again this year!
Yesterday Lambton Wildlife's Downriver Ducks field trip was scheduled, but it would not have been an enjoyable day.

There was nothing of note except one of the wintering Great Blue Herons at Talfourd Creek (Corunna area).  Some Mute Swans were in close there so I just took some photos of them.

The wintering Tundra Swans were at Cathcart Park, but they were curled up in sleep mode.  I am always on the watch for a Trumpeter Swan, but I have not come across one yet this winter.

A few Redhead and Canvasback were also there in the steam coming off the water.

Merg with a Hood

This Common Goldeneye was keeping an eye on the incoming storm (lol).

The snow did not get really heavy until late in the afternoon, but it just kept coming and fell all night.  It was one of the heavier snowfalls we have had in a very long time.  Around 35 cm fell here around Wallaceburg, but the wind was the big item.  Huge drifts were evident this morning.

Bird feeders were very busy the last couple of days.  I never get anything of note anymore here, but I took some photos of the common birds.

Dove in the Morning

Canadian Goldfinch

Lots of American Goldfinches are around, but nothing with them!  A couple of Pine Siskins flew over the morning while I was shoveling snow, but they never stopped.

Needless to say I did not go to work this morning.  I never would have made it down the street!  The road to the workplace was impassible this morning with drifts of 3' or so.  However, I did venture out to work at noon and by that time the road was ploughed.

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