Sunday, February 15, 2015

Depths of Winter Birding at Rondeau

Under cloudless skies (whaaat?) I headed down to Rondeau Park this morning.  Roads were icy but I got there in good time.  I talked to Trena at the gate and she reminded me that park passes and entrance fees are going up considerably this year.  However, you can purchase a 2015-16 annual pass (for all Ontario Provincial Parks) at the current rate for $150.57 (inc. tax).  After April 1 it goes up to a painful $175.  Summer only passes are going from $107 to $125. They are now available.

Needless to say, one could not do much walking.  Snowshoes or skis would be beneficial in current conditions.  As well, it was unbearably cold!

I headed straight to the visitor centre to look at the feeders.

The male towhee was still present, but too shy to come to the feeder.  An unhappy Song Sparrow was looking for grub though.

The White-throated Sparrow was still present, but has long since given up trying to sing.

A female Red-winged Blackbird stood out among the crowd.

Other birds present were the usuals.

I slowly drove along the entire Lakeshore Road, but did not come across much.  I did walk a short distance into the campground and came across quite a few Golden-crowned Kinglets.  However, none of the Ruby type were found.

Hawks included 2 Red-tailed, 1 dark morph Rough-legged and a Northern Harrier.

And, you never know what you will find in Rondeau.....

I did not venture far into the countryside today.  At home, a third Common Redpoll showed up and 5 Pine Siskins which were not present yesterday.

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