Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mid-week Update-first week January

Not really much to say, but winter has finally arrived!  It was mild up until Sunday, then it came.
Just like clockwork, the sun was out Monday morning after less than desirable weather on the weekend.

Tuesday Morning Port Lambton

The Skunk's Misery count had horrible weather, but managed 56 species.  I already mentioned a couple of highlights.  Golden Eagles were seen, but that was expected as they have wintered in the area in recent years.

Ice has formed quickly this week.  With the brisk NW wind today, ice was driven against the Ontario side of the St. Clair River.

Thunder Bay at Port Lambton Wednesday morning

Lots of ice was in the Snye today as well.

Late Today

I still see the Snowy Owls on Langstaff Line near here each day. Dirt birds.

Hopefully something neat will show up in the area like a Gyrfalcon.  Some have been reported in Ontario already. An Ivory Gull will do though.

Red-tailed Hawk at McKeough


  1. Must be kind of monotonous seeing one or more Snowy Owls so regularly :-).

    1. Something to look at to and from work each day!