Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Post Rondeau CBC Post

The Blenheim/Rondeau CBC stands at 105 species last I heard.  It was a good count with some interesting results as mentioned previously.
Around 8000 Tundra Swans were tallied which is a new high and I think a Canadian high. They seem to get more plentiful every year.

The insane number of White-winged Scoters was already mentioned, and Ruddy Duck came in around 600, another new high.
Not surprisingly, Horned Grebes stuck around to make a new high of 37.
As well, Golden-crowned Kinglets were impressive with over 200.

One of two I saw Sunday

Some obvious misses and low numbers were seen.  As far as I know, Snow Bunting was not recorded, and very few Horned Larks.  The larks, I have noticed, have been almost non-existent lately.
Sparrows are in short supply too.

As the weekend approaches, more CBC's are scheduled nearby.  Cedar Creek (Essex) and Kettle Point (Lambton) are this Saturday.  The Port Huron CBC is on Sunday which takes in a small portion of downtown Sarnia and down to the Courtright/Mooretown border.
I expect to be up Sarnia way on Sunday to see what is around.

Not sure if anyone checked after Sunday to see if the Purple Sandpiper/Dunlin duo was still present. That was the highlight of my section and something I did not really expect.  However, that is one of the perks of doing a CBC.

I did not go as far along the south point shoreline as I usually do due to the erosion and tangle of fallen trees.  The last bench is now tumbled-over from what I hear.  It used to be way back from the shore!  The Woodliffe bench on spicebush trail is safe for the time-being :).

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