Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in the Fog

Cathcart Park

Here we are at Christmas although it does not feel like.  With record high temps and dense fog today, it seemed more like April.
Birds have been scarce, needless to say, but hopefully things will pick up.

I spent the morning at work (just as well since one could not see a thing outside), and left at noon. So much for seeing anything on the St. Clair River. (Hardly anything out there anyway).

Ross's Gull? 

It was better inland and I saw a few birds but it was a very gloomy day.  One of two Snowy Owls frequenting the Sombra Solar Farm was visible.

I did come across a small flock of dickie birds at McKeough CA, but nothing of note.

Foggy Afternoon at Duthill Bridge

The Kimball Sideroad/Langstaff Line Snowy was perched high.  One wonders if this is the same owl a bit farther west where Langstaff meets Forhan St.  A rather white individual.

Feeders seem useless so far this winter as nothing is coming in.  I have not touched mine in two weeks.

Wallaceburg CBC is this Sunday and so far weather look half decent.  The next in the area is St. Clair NWA on January 1.  A new count, farther afield, is Skunk's Misery which is on January 4.  The area has lots of uncommon birds in the breeding season, but it will be interesting to see what is around in winter.  Golden Eagles have wintered there in the last few winters.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all.

The other Sombra solar Snowy


  1. Merry Christmas Blake !
    I had to tell you that I really like your new photo at the top
    of your Blog ! A few weeks back I was tempted to ask you
    to place one of your Snowy pics there--maybe later ?

    1. Thanks Irene. I thought of putting up a Snowy Owl, but opted for the sandpiper for now.