Thursday, November 20, 2014

Loony Weather

The wind and snow never seemed to let up this afternoon.  The country roads looked like this today:

Whitebread Line

I went into town early today to take care of some things. Just into town, I passed the junction of the Sydenham River (north branch) and Running Creek.  Here the warmer waters of the Chenal Ecarte (via Running Creek) flow into the Sydenham under normal conditions.  However, when the Sydenham is running high, Running Creek will reverse its flow and discharge into the Snye (Chenal Ecarte).

The water often remains open here longer than parts north, thus attracting water birds.  Today I noticed a Common Loon here.  An uncommon sight within town.

There were a number of ducks and gulls as well taking advantage.  The Sydenham north of this point is mostly skimmed with ice now.  Much earlier than normal!

This juncture in the river is where I often take a look.  It is here I found the first American Coot for the Wallaceburg CBC in 1988.  It stayed about a month until the water completely froze.  Another time I found a Bonaparte's Gull here (odd in itself for winter here) on the 'Burg CBC.  It was the only one on the count.  Bonies are rare for the Wallaceburg CBC (end of December) even though we have a good chunk of the St. Clair River.

I drove around a bit late in the day hoping to see something of interest like a Snowy Owl, but it was almost fruitless due to the blizzard-like conditions.

One of many from last year

I hope the recent weather is not a sign of things to come!  It is just plain crazy.  Due to certain circumstances we still have a boat in the water and it is a chore to keep everything from freezing. Thankfully warmer weather is forecast for the weekend (probably short-lived!) or the marina cuts will be freezing over in short order.

Many Horned Larks and other birds were alongside roads and in fields today.

A good number of American Pipits were reported in the Rondeau area today looking for grit and grub.  I suppose some birds have been caught off guard with this unusual weather.  It may be interesting to see what is around this coming weekend.....

Tree Sparrow in a tree
Feeders are busy of course.  Lots of siskins around.

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