Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Tis the Season

It has been a fairly warm week, but I have been watching the weather forecast for the weekend. (Guess I never learn!).  Things are shaping up for a good lakewatch at Sarnia on Saturday.  Strong north winds will be kicking in later Friday and by early Saturday morning it will be brisk.  Hopefully the forecast will be correct.
There should be some birds seen on Saturday!  Only time will tell, but he it is the right time of year.
Exactly two years ago we were treated to the remnants of hurricane Sandy which provided a unique opportunity for birders.

250+ Brant were seen

October 21 was a pretty good day there, but I missed that for obvious reasons.  This weekend is not too late in the season, so there still should be lots of birds around.


In other things...

Got out for a quick walk at Peer's Wetland just before dark today.  Its about all I can do during the week with these way too short days. Lots of Rusty Blackbirds and others moving through.  Passerines are getting scarce with only a few kinglets, a Fox Sparrow and a Hermit Thrush along the dike.  The local Wood Ducks are still hanging out.

On Sunday we heard some odd tapping in Rondeau's maintenance yard.  This Downy was working a shed!

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