Friday, October 3, 2014

Bay Visits and Recent Sightings

Fall Colour

The days are getting way too short, but I got out to Mitchell's Bay a couple of evenings this week.  I went down Angler Line and walked the lakeshore trail each time.
Several hundred Canada Geese have been setting down in the adjacent field.

Tonight, one Snow Goose came in with them.  I have yet to see something different!

It was too windy to do much looking out on the lake this evening.  The entrance to the trail at Angler Line is quite protected, so I stood there for a while.  There were some birds along the ditch, including a male Scarlet Tanager and a Traill's-type flycatcher which I assumed to be a Willow.

Find the elusive tanager!

Besides a couple of Monarch, I found this Summer (Autumn?) Azure.

Earlier this week it was calm and there were more birds.  Over 40 Pied-billed Grebes were visible from the trail dock, as well as several Great Egrets and a few Redhead.
A couple of Green Herons were hunting nearby.

Yesterday at work I noticed lots of birds moving. I wish I could have been off work!  It was warm, and after work I checked out Brander Park.  Some Peck's Skippers, as well as Silver-spotted are still hanging on this week.

Today was very windy, but I checked Brander Park after work.  Several passerines were present including an Orange-crowned Warbler.

First thing in the morning, 11 Sandhill Cranes flew over from Algonac State Park--the first I have seen in a while.  Hopefully lots will be around this fall in the fields west of town.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring.  The weather forecast keeps changing every time I look at it! I will be out and about in any case....

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