Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another 'Bay' Evening

The wind finally died late this afternoon, and with clear skies all day, it was a good time to go for a walk out at Mitchell's Bay.
This time a fair number of birds were around.  Firstly, I noted a lot of Killdeer in the adjacent field to the lakeshore trail.  My conservative estimate was 85.
Along the trail, some sparrows a few other passerines were working the shrubs.  A Nashville, Magnolia and a few Yellow-rumped were visible.

A single Blue-headed Vireo represented the vireos tonight.  Some White-throated Sparrows and a couple of White-crowned Sparrows were around.  One of the White-crowned was clearly a gambelii type.  I always try to to look closely at the  in hopes of seeing different subspecies.

Out on the dock, I noted quite a few Pied-billed Grebes.  The ones there and the ones I counted from Dover Beach Park in the village, amounted to at least 155.  I did not have a scope on hand, so no doubt more were there.  A mass of waterbirds was towards St. Anne's Island that could have been American Coots.  Not sure tonight, but I have seen big masses there in the past.

Early in my walk, I noted a number of Autumn Meadowhawks perched on a tree getting some warmth in the evening sun.

I watched the sun set from the village.  The Detroit skyline was clearly visible in the distance.

It was a cloudless day, but the orange glow was spectacular.  Several flocks of ducks were going by way out.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, I could hear a Great-Horned Owl hooting somewhere near the south end of St. Anne's Island.

Pied-billed Grebe at Sunset

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  1. Looks like another nice day, Blake!

    It was pretty birdy at Point Pelee yesterday.

    I ran in to Richard Carr and he showed me a pic of the LeConte's sparrow that popped up in front of him that morning! Too bad he doesn't eBird.