Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Pelee Post

It was time to go to Point Pelee again.  The wind was not perfect for a Tip watch, but still lots of action. I arrived early to watch the sun rise.

There was not much action first off, but things picked up a bit.  Horned Grebes were moving south in big numbers and a fair number of Common Loons as well.  At one point, a Red-throated was spotted.
A variety of ducks were seen through the course of the morning.

The only shorebird was a Greater Yellowlegs, but I did see quite a few Killdeer on the way home.


Later in the morning I checked for landbirds, but did not find too much!

Butterflies today included several Monarch, a couple of Painted Lady, both Orange and Clouded Sulphurs, Cabbage White and 2 Common Buckeye at NWBeach.

The only dragonflies were Green Darners and Autumn Meadowhawks.

Wheatley Harbour yielded several more Horned Grebes, a few gulls including an adult Lesser Black-backed.  Were not many bonies today.

I briefly stopped at St. Clair NWA but lighting was horrible.  About 60 Tundra Swans were swimming near the roadway.

Also walked the lakeshore trail at Mitchell's Bay.  Nothing of note there!

Lots of Pine Siskins seen or heard throughout the day.  Maybe tomorrow an Evening Grosbeak will make an appearance!  Or not!

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