Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Last week I lucked out with fabulous weather on my week off.  One never knows when you schedule time off weeks in advance.  A couple days previous to my arrival at Awenda PP, there must have been quite a storm.  Many trees and limbs were down.  It was rather windy on the trip too.

Lots of birds were around as well.  Friday at Rondeau, several Wilson's Warblers were around.

Eagles nest at Rondeau, and you are always guaranteed to see one from south point trail.  I snapped this photo a tad too late though.

Sanderlings seem to be quite plentiful this season.  Although a common shorebird, I am sure I have seen more than usual this summer.

Merlins are always around this time of year as well.  I saw lots of my trip last week.

Here is a Hermit Thrush at Grundy Lake PP last week.  I did not see too many of them even though they breed in the area.

A Bronze Copper was at McGeachy Pond last Friday.  Although expected there, I forgot to mention it!

Weather looks very good all this week...too good for a lakewatch anywhere! We really have not had a good wind for Sarnia yet.  I hate staying in one spot for hours, but on those brutally windy days, it can be interesting.

slithering snake

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  1. Great tidbits, Blake!
    I saw my first Bronze Copper at Holiday Beach yesterday. What a beauty!