Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Waning Summer

We will soon be wondering where the summer went.  Many things have come and gone already.  Some butterflies are done for the year, but late summer can be good especially for less common species that possibly wander from the south.
Giant Swallowtails seem to be having a good year, as I alluded to in a previous post.  I think I have seen more this year than ever before.

Civic holiday Monday was amazing at Pelee for Giants.  I had over 70 along the west side just in the few spots I checked.  Bob Yukich had over 100!

I check the flower gardens at Brander Park almost every day Monday to Friday if it is sunny.  So far, no Fiery Skippers there, although they usually show up in good years.  Lots of Silver-spotted and Peck's right now.

Yesterday quite a few shorebirds were in at Stewart Wetland, but as usual, all common things.  Today after work, just a baby bonie was there!
A couple of Black-crowned Night-Herons were roosting there yesterday morning.  Would be nice to get one of those rarer heron types!  This is the time of year.  Already Ontario has seen Snowy Egret and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.  Been some years since I have seen a night heron with a yellow crown.  I have only seen three, all in Rondeau!  Not too many have been chaseable in recent years though.
And, ibises have been showing up, as noted today at Long Point.

Another weekend will be here soon, as we get over the hump tomorrow!

Lots of these lately....

Canada Darner
I always thought this was a neat photo I took last year. A swimming Royal River Cruiser! Somehow it hit the water and did not recover.  Note the bluet riding on top!

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