Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recent Lep Sightings

Last weekend's Pinery butterfly count saw very low numbers despite decent coverage.  38 species were found with lots of singletons.  Paul Carter photographed the only duskywing--a worn Juvenal's on his favourite plant.

The only other highlights beside our Dusted Skipper was a Buckeye and a Roadside Skipper.  Every year is different!  I remember one year we saw lots of Roadside Skippers. Weather and timing is everything.

I went out this evening again despite the less than ideal weather.  It was quite cool today and somewhat rainy, but the evening was nice.  The morning was dead calm as I sat alongside the St. Clair River before work watching several Forster's Terns, or whatever else went by.

Highlight this evening was a Striped Hairstreak, a first for the year.  They are not the most abundant hairstreak around here, but I do find them.  This was at McKeough CA where I usually get them.

The only other hairstreak was a single Banded at Reid CA.  So far it looks like another poor year for hairstreaks, although the Southern 'Northern Oak" seemed to have a good year.

Banded Hairsteak

My Favourite Hairstreak

Not sure we will ever match 2008 when Common Milkweed was carpeted with hairstreaks everywhere.
There is tons of milkweed at McKeough this year, so I will keep an eye on it.

Delaware Skipper on Common Milkweed

Reid has much fewer milkweed plants this year for whatever reason.
Common Wood-Nymphs are quite plentiful there. It was the most common butterfly today.

At McKeough, I saw this young Bobolink.

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