Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More July Insects

I have been checking for more butterflies lately. Sedge skippers are out, but I have not seem many.  Today after work I went up to Reid CA which has some different sedges.  One area has Broad-winged, but I have not seen any of those yet.  They must be late in emerging this year.
Another area has produced Dukes' and Dion in a shaded area.  It was a bit late in the day, but I did see a few big sedge skippers.  At least one appeared to be a Dukes'.

I discovered these rare Ontario skippers here back in 2008 during that incredible butterfly year!

However, the almost look-alike Dion is also this spot.  Not sure if I saw one today or not, but here are more photos.

Hairstreaks were coming and going around the Indian Hemp.  It is starting to die off for another year, but one patch is still quite dominant.

worn banded

I saw lots of Banded, some Edwards' and a couple of Hickory.

For some reason I cannot find Coral this year.  They have also been in this location in past years.  I know another place to find Coral, but I have not had time to get there yet this year.
More photos.

three species of skippers

Edwards' Hairstreak

Some cruisers of the Royal River kind are patrolling the area.  I saw my first one of the year this past Saturday.

Another perched nearby while I was watching for hairstreaks today.

These very large dragonflies are pretty neat.  They will hang vertically under a branch when they take a rest from their constant patrolling.

Upon arrival today, this fawn got up out of the weeds.

And, when I got back to the car, this hairstreak was on the roof!

Photos today taken by the Canon G16.

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