Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wetland Walks near Wallaceburg

Been a quiet week with locally common birds and other things on territory.  I still got out each evening this week for a walk.
Checked out Mitchell's Bay the other night.  This groundhog was sitting around the dock area of the shore trail.

Bass boats were trolling around the Bay, with the Detroit skyline barely visible in the background.

I have not had much luck with butterflies yet this year!  (eg. last Sunday!).  Been a very poor year around here at least.

Least Skipper

Hopefully things will pick up soon as the butterfly counts approach.

A Blue-winged Teal pair has been hanging around Stewart Wetland.  I usually just see the male, so I wonder if there is a nest somewhere.

Stewart has had a large number of Great Blue Herons this spring.  The odd Great Egret has been present on occasion as well, but the great blues are busy hunting for koi and other fish.

Snapping turtles are busy laying eggs.  With all the predators around, there is little chance most will hatch.

Just outside of town is a new place to walk this year.  Peers Wetland (aka Chicken Island) opened last summer and has a  nice little woodlot surrounded by a marshy area.  It used to be more open when I was younger, but in the late '90's filled in due to some drier summers.  We used to go skating here in the winter.
It will be a nice spot to check for butterflies and dragonflies.  This evening I noted a pair of Viceroy butterflies, but was not quick enough to get a photo!  Summer Azures were plentiful.

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