Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Summer' Sightings Point Pelee

A visit to Point Pelee was on the agenda today as summer begins.  It was about a year ago the Black-headed Gull was at the Tip, but alas, I did not find one today!  However, there was a fair number of gulls at the Tip when I arrived.  Luckily I was the first one there even though it was after 8:00 when I arrived. (I had to wait until a tree was cleared from the road north of White Pine!).

The Tip was carpeted with gulls upon arrival, but I could not get a look at all without flushing them.  Four usual species present.  This bleached (?) out Herring Gull stood out for a while.

A number of Bonaparte's present, but this one (almost) adult sort-of kept to itself this morning.  Not common at this time of year, but is likely summering in the area.

Regarding insects, a good number of Red Admirals were flying....or at least resting, like this one at the Tip.

I walked back the west beach trail just after the sun finally came out.  Little of note though.  A female Red-breasted Merganser was on the beach with some Great Blue Herons.  Actually up to eight Great Blues along the west side loafing around today.

I walked Woodland Trail as well, but the Prothontary was a no-show!
After a brief check around De Laurier, I headed to the south end of Northwest Beach.  A number of dragonflies (mostly Blue Dashers) were flying as well as a couple of Eastern Amberwings.  Here is a female.

Eastern Amberwing
Had a 'red' dragonfly at De Laurier (the one that got away!) that was perhaps a Carolina Saddlebags.

After having lunch with Dean Ware at the "Red Bus", I headed over to Hillman Marsh.  Although the shorebird cell is now dry, I walked around that area checking for butterflies.  Bronze Copper was on my mind, and sure enough I saw few of them.

Great Egrets (total of 21) were having some kind of get-together at the easterly end of the shorebird cell.  Managed to get some photos.

Common Whitetail

Blue Dasher

Last stop was at the Dickcissel location east of Wheatley.  Here I met up with Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski who were checking out the birds.  I thought maybe five males were singing in the field.

Appears to be the only place around for Dickcissels this summer.

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