Friday, May 16, 2014

Plenty of Birds This Week

Lots of birds have been moving through this week (and some good ones needless to say).  Just my luck I had to go back to work on Tuesday, but one cannot predict things!
I have been checking Brander Park at Port Lambton and many warblers are working the woodlot the last couple of days.  Upwards of 15 species at least.

We have been getting a deluge of rain this week and fields are flooded as well as lawns.  The trails at Brander are difficult due to mud and water.

Today there were at least 6 Cape May Warblers in the small area among about 14 other species.  Orange-crowned was another seen today.

Lots of terns have been moving through this week. Up to 100 Blacks have been milling about Port Lambton and the lagoons.  Lots of Common Terns have been moving upriver each morning as well.  Are there Arctic Terns??

View towards Port Lambton lagoons

On the way home from work today, I was pleased to finally see something of note at Stewart Wetland.  A Cattle Egret!  I only had the G16 camera, so here is a record shot.

I had one of these creatures here once before.

This evening I once again headed out to Mitchell's Bay.  First stop was the Yellow-headed Blackbird colony where I saw at least six males and two females.  No problem locating those noisy males!

At one point, a pair appeared to be copulating. And, one female went down and I could actually see a nest she was working on or checking out.

Lots of activity in the area with several Black-crowned Night-Herons, Great Egrets, and Green Herons.

Nearby, about 15 species of warblers were at the start of the shore trail.  Lots of Yellow-rumped are still moving through this week.

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