Saturday, April 19, 2014

Point Pelee: Quality Not Quantity

Point Pelee was today's destination where a couple of quality birds made up for lack of migrants.  The cold ENE wind early this morning did not help matters for expecting new migrants.
Firstly, I stopped briefly at De Laurier to watch birds flying overhead.  A couple of Common Loons made an appearance among other things.  It is sometimes a nice spot to stop and look first thing in the morning.

Some of us headed to the Tip.  Finally I saw a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher for this year.

After seeing very little at the Tip, I walked north with Mike Tate and Bob Cermak through the centre up to Woodland Trail. A bit after the first bridge, Mike spotted a Yellow-throated Warbler above the slough.  It was moving fast, but I did get decent looks at it.  Impossible to get a photo though!  We never saw it again after it kept moving north.

Adam Pinch joined us for a walk up to the campground and back west beach parking lot.  It was virtually birdless!  Still lots of snow on the west side and you can see all the shrubs and trees broken off due to the weight of the snow.

After a warm-up in the VC, Adam Pinch and I walked Tilden's Wood's and north to Chinquapin.  No tanagers or parts thereof were found.  Along Chinquapin, we met Josh and Kory who had just seen a Black Vulture about ten minutes previous.  It was heading south, so it was bound to head back north.  That area has been all cleared out and a few birds were around including Eastern Bluebirds.  Actually a nice spot.  
We waited, and sure enough about 20 minutes later we saw the subject vulture towards the west.

The bright morning sun made it stick out quite nicely.

Heading back south through Tilden's (another Louisiana Waterthrush was at the boardwalk area), we ended up at the VC parking lot for lunch.  Bob Cermak managed to spot the Black Vulture heading south once again.

I stopped at De Laurier after lunch and walked the small loop.  As far as I know the Henslow's Sparrow was not found today despite several people looking. It was certainly a very bright one!

On the way home, I drove by Hillman shorebird cell and spotted an immature Glaucous Gull high over the road.  There were lots of large gulls in the cell, so it may have come out of there.

Nothing else of note....I hope things improve soon!

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  1. I think that yellow throated warbler is on his way to rondeau!