Friday, April 25, 2014

Fishing at Stewart Wetland

Decided to spend some time at Stewart Wetland today.  At least there was some bird movement today as new birds were reported at various locations.  Nothing was evident first thing this morning, as I saw the same few birds that have been around the last ten days!
I was off work a bit early this afternoon, and Stewart had more shorebirds.  All were yellowlegs (2 Greater and the other 14 Lesser), but at least there was something to look at.  A Black-bellied Plover flew over, but it decided to keep going.  (also Spotted Sandpiper and Wilson's Snipe).

I went back out after supper and watched birds catching koi.  At first, a Herring Gull came in with a bright orange one, but just after sitting down, a Great Blue Heron came in and stole the fish.  The koi was downed in seconds!
Here is the sequence....

Caspian Terns were also around and looking for supper.

Quite a few swallows were catching insects above the pond, including Tree, Rough-winged, Barn and Purple Martin.

I heard a Ring-necked Pheasant several times over on Walpole Island.  A few are still kicking around. I would have preferred to hear a quail.  There was a day when you could hear Northern Bobwhite here, but no more!

On to the weekend with this uncomfortable weather....

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  1. and the words "uncomfortable weather" does not indicate whining, Alan.