Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday's Scenes

McGeachy Dike

Headed to Erieau and Rondeau this morning and did not stay long as there was not much to see!  Still too much ice and snow.  The channel at Erieau is now clear plus a bit into the Bay is open.  A good variety of waterbirds was there.  A couple of American Coots and Horned Grebes and a Ruddy Duck were among the species present.

Near McGeachy Pond, some Tundra Swans and 5 Snow Geese were sleeping in a field with Tundra Swans.  The geese later moved to the east side.
One was a Blue Morph

The mountainous drifts of snow at McGeachy are quite impressive.  It will be quite a while before we see bare ground there!

I took a walk around Rondeau's campground but there were very few birds.  Seemed to be more deer than birds!

Some more duck scenes:

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  1. Hi Blake, good to read your blog again .... as always .

    This is my first Winter paying attention to the St Clair - quite a Winter for ducks as you report.

    It was your blog that inspired me to do my own - thank you.
    John Winstone