Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Winter Birding!

The roads were less than desirable early this morning due to a dumping of snow overnight.  Very cold again today.  It just will not quit!  However, I headed down to the Rondeau area anyway.
As expected this time of year, large numbers of Horned Larks are along the roads.  Some longspurs as well.

Erieau still has one small patch of open water, but everything else looks like the Arctic.

Mountainous drifts are along the shoreline.  I did not get any photos, but it could be June before we will be able to walk along McGeachy Pond!

I checked out the Rondeau VC feeders.  The Eastern Towhee looks good and healthy.

A male Red-winged Blackbird was there as well.  At least a few of these are around here and there.

Some Mourning Doves were taking advantage of the sun beside the building.

I noted some Eastern Bluebirds, but failed to get any photos.  A couple were along Lakeshore Road south of the churches, and another two or so were just north of the campground.  Some are also outside the park east of the Kent Bridge Road intersection.

I swung around by Mink Line in hopes of seeing a vulture.  Sure enough, one Turkey Vulture was soaring around.  Up to four have been seen here this winter.
No vulture around the landfill.  A Black Vulture was seen there on Tuesday and again on Friday.  Could still be around.

Off to another cold week, at least to start.....

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  1. Nice to read your blog and get an awareness of what is going on up there.