Monday, February 17, 2014

Frost to Flicker

This morning was just too nice to stay in.  It was a calm, cloudless and frosty. Where is that 10 cm of snow that was forecast for today?
I drove through the countryside north of Wallaceburg and came up with three Snowy Owls.  One on Charlemont:

One on Kerr Line:

And one on Holt Line. This one was perched on a pole but I could not get close enough in time.  Would have been a great shot!

This owl has been roosting too long....

There was beautiful scenery along the river.


At Cathcart Park, all three mergs were swimming close to shore.

This one was having a bit of difficulty, not being able to fly to any degree.

At least four White-winged Scoters were still at Port Lambton.

A Northern Flicker came to the feeder this afternoon.  First one I have seen here in the yard this winter.

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