Friday, February 28, 2014

End of Winter? NOT!

Wild Turkeys

A nice bright day. Decided to take a break today as this relentless winter is making me (and most everyone else) go batty!

The above photo shows a  bat I found below one of the bird feeders yesterday.  Not sure what to make of it, but needless to say it was frozen stiff!

Bear Creek at Moore WMA

A year ago we had lots of geese around (all species), ducks (inc. Eurasian Wigeon) and Killdeer among other birds.  Of course last year we were spoiled, but what a difference a year makes.
Looking at temps., more records were shattered in the last day or so.  Been more than 30 years since we have had it this cold at this date!
Caught sight of some goldfinches eating snow this morning. They get thirsty eating all that nyjer!

The Sombra ferry resumed operation on Wednesday afternoon.  It was shut down due to ice for about two months.  Longest it has been shut down since probably the 1940's!


  1. as I drove to Sarnia
    earlier in the week
    I saw hundreds and hundreds
    of small birds on the St. Clair
    shaped like a tern
    with the top of them being a dark colour, maybe even black
    and a lighter underside

    any ideas what they could be?

  2. No terns this time of year! Probably you were looking at Long-tailed Ducks as they have somewhat pointy wings.

  3. maybe...

    they were quite small
    in comparison to anything else in the water
    and appeared to be bird shaped

    wish I could have gotten a picture

    Thanks Blake