Monday, January 13, 2014

Late Afternoon Owls

Yesterday was a good day for seeing owls as well.  After the two surprise Short-eared at Blenheim Lagoons, I saw another at Sombra.

The day was too nice to sit around, so ventured up to Sombra.  I did not see the Snowy Owl at the solar farm, but did spot a Short-eared sitting atop a panel.  I did not really expect to see one, but sometimes they will be quite visible during the day.
It was distant and I was looking through a fence, so the look was not good.

Heading towards home along Holt Line, I spotted a Snowy Owl (on snow!).  This is a whiter bird that has occasionally been seen in the area.

Seems that solar farms are good for raptors!  Harriers like them, as several are hanging around the Sombra one. With the Snowy Owl and several Short-eared there, the rodent population must be decent.
Same thing at Sarnia.  At least 5+ Short-eared Owls and up to 2 Snowy Owls are there.  Of course the adjacent old Blackwell Landfill site is a good hunting ground for raptors.  Short-eared have been reported there over the years.

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