Saturday, January 11, 2014

Foggy and Soggy

Not surprisingly, there was dense fog this morning as this wacky weather continues.  I headed north towards Sarnia.  One could see virtually nothing on the St. Clair River except the wintering ducks at the Sombra ferry dock.

It was a little clearer at Sarnia and some of the Sarnia Bay waterfowl were at the parking lot along Front Street.

At the lakewatch on Lake Huron, the massive number of Long-tailed Ducks were in view.

I watched there for some time but the ducks were 99% Long-tailed--probably around 4000 birds. I did see two White-winged Scoters and a few Red-breasted Mergansers and Redhead.

Very few gulls are around right now.

After some shopping and an early lunch, I headed down Blackwell Sideroad and right away spotted a Snowy Owl atop a pole.
Sarnia Solar Snowy

A robin was beside the old landfill.  Earlier I saw two robins at Brander Park in Port Lambton.  Robins seem to be everywhere this winter.  Yesterday morning a small flock flew over the marina at Port Lambton.

A number of ducks and Canada Geese were in a cornfield between London Line and Confederation, but I did not see anything noteworthy.

There are several Short-eared Owls at the Sarnia solar farm this winter, best seen at dusk.  Perhaps I will head up that way during that time of day.

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  1. Hi Blake
    There are 5 Short Earred Owls at the Landfill.
    They have been there the last two nights both days around 5.00 they come from the conifer stand behind the solar farm.
    Good Luck Hunting!