Monday, December 30, 2013

Sarnia Stuff and Another Solar Snowy

I headed into Sarnia today to see what was around.  There was not much on the river until I got to Corunna where the Long-tailed Duck situation started getting crazy.  Once again, there were probably 1500 at the head of Stag Island and lots more scattered downriver and upriver from there.

Some Hooded Mergs were at the Shell dock as usual.

At one point I saw a fox along the shoreline of Stag Island!

Sarnia Bay and area was choked with Canada Geese.  There actually were not very many ducks.  There were geese in the air all over the place and all over Sarnia in fact.  A small white goose stood out over at the marina.  I could not get close, but I got out the scope and determined it was a Ross's.  Too far for even a half decent photo.

I then headed up to the lakewatch spot on Lake Huron.  Good grief, I never saw so many Long-tailed Ducks.  Impossible to count but likely upwards of 3000 in view!  Hardly another species of duck in sight except a few Red-breasted mergs.

Very few gulls, but this nice gull made some close passes for photo ops.

After some unsuccessful shopping (lol), I went out Michigan Line and found a Snowy Owl just before Telfer Road.

Heading south on Blackwell Sideroad, another was at the solar farm.  Apparently two were there yesterday, but I only saw one.

Beside the old landfill, a couple of dark morph Roughies were playing around.

While in the mood for owls, I checked out Perch Creek and found the wintering Saw-whet.  It looked a little worse for the wear, but seems to be surviving. Could not get a good shot without disturbing it though.

Next stop was Moore WMA.  Finally some birds were there!  Right along the road too.  Several woodpeckers including 3 flickers, a Red-bellied and Downy and Hairy. Chickadees, nuthatches and a Carolina Wren were making their presence known.  I also got a Yellow-rumped Warbler nibbling on poison ivy berries.  We get the warblers here every winter, although last winter was the first time I had no success.  None of today's birds came really close though.

On the way home, I checked a field that usually attracts Snowy Owls.  I have had them in that field in several previous years, and sure enough one was there.  Not sure if this was a new one, or perhaps the one seen at Pretty Road and Tulloch Line late yesterday.  Two parties saw that one yesterday.  That is only about four kilometres away.  As with the other two today, this one was far away.

Will see how many Snowy Owls I come with tomorrow...

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