Monday, November 11, 2013

Arctic Blast

This afternoon the weather really changed.  The wind was brisk out of the SW first thing this morning, but it is now out of the north and strong with SNOW.  Could be good on Lake Huron at Sarnia tomorrow!  (yes, it is a weekday).

I spent all morning up at the Sarnia lakewatch yesterday. The wind was not ideal (WNW) but there was a fair bit of activity.  There were hundreds of gulls mostly along the Port Huron side.  The bulk were actually Bonaparte's.  I could not find anything too noteworthy among them although I briefly saw one creamy-coloured gull of Herring Gull size.
On Friday, an apparent young Glaucous-winged Gull was reported there.  Many were looking yesterday, but it was not reported until mid afternoon by Scott Jennex.
There were a lot of gulls being very active yesterday, so it was difficult to keep track of them.

Other birds included the long-staying female King Eider.  This bird is at risk of being harvested, if it has not already.  Mike Bouman and I saw it yesterday, but hunters were out while we were there.
Lots of scoters and Long-tailed Ducks out there as well.
A couple of Common Loons, a couple of Horned Grebes and a Red-necked Grebe were also seen.
At one point I saw a shorebird, but I only caught the tail end of it.  It was fairly large and I thought perhaps Long-billed Dowitcher.
Tundra Swans and Canada Geese were coming in off the lake.

Although the winds were switching and picking up, I decided to leave just before noon.

Over at Perch Creek it was rather quiet, but a Northern Saw-whet Owl was again present.  I did not get photos yesterday, but this one by Mike Bouman will do.  He caught it during its lunch-hour!

In other news, the Marbled Godwits were not seen yesterday to my knowledge.  Perhaps with this present weather we may not see them again!  I am sure some of you avid "listers" wanted them to stay until December 1....

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