Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Cloudless Morning

A brisk SW wind was forecast for this morning, so I headed to Point Pelee Tip!  I was there early and lots of gulls were loafing on the Tip and many flying about.  A Lesser Black-backed Gull stood out right away and I noticed at least one first cycle LLB, errr, LBB towards the end.

I was soon joined by some of the 'regulars' and we stood watch for a few hours.  It did not pan out like we had hoped though.  A Red-necked Phalarope came in and swam for a while on the west side.  It eventually disappeared, but it or another came in later on and swam on the east side.  It is time for Red Phalaropes to appear, but this was not the case today.  However, Kevin McLaughlin saw a Red on the west side opposite the VC yesterday.

Quite a few Sanderlings were around today.  Before others arrived, three Semiplovers were working the sand.  Here is one:

A Baird's Sandpiper stayed the whole time.  Apparently it has been around a couple of days.  Always an attractive shorebird!

At one point we saw an early Surf Scoter heading west!  Not sure the earliest date, but we do not usually see them till the first of October.  Earliest for me anyway!

A number of warblers and others birds were along the road as I walked to the Tip this morning.  I did not look too much for them as I hoped to see some butterflies today.

After the Tip Watch while waiting at the tram loop, Richard, Alan and myself had a look at a Cloudless Sulphur!  Alan spotted it coming along the road from the west side and flew past us down the trail.  This species is always on the go and often impossible to photograph.  Just the other day, Alan, Mike Nelson and Kevin saw one at the Tip.  Here is a link to Alan's photo on Ontario Butterflies:
Cloudless Sulphur
It is a rather large bright sulphur that is unmistakable!  They usually appear in September through October and in the spring late May into June at Pelee.  Quite rare in Ontario actually!

Later I met up with Steve Pike along west beach trail.  A few butterflies and dragonflies were around, but not as many as we had hoped.  We later checked out De Laurier homestead and found some warblers to look at.
After lunch I headed out of the park checking a few spots along the way.  I stopped at Tilbury lagoons in hopes of seeing the Snowy Egret.  I could not find it, but 8 Great Egrets were present.  The Snowy was present late yesterday, so could still be in the area.
I even stopped at Lighthouse Cove and saw more Great Egrets.

This evening I took my supper out to Stewart Wetland.  Not much there, but a Solitary Sandpiper was working the mud.  I saw two Sandhill Cranes along the way, then out at Port Lambton, seven flew over the river and past Algonac State Park.  First time I have seen some at the St. Clair River!  Did not quite have my camera ready....

This ship was upbound while I was at Port Lambton.  Saw it in Pelee Passage early this morning!!


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