Thursday, May 9, 2013

Latest Installment--Rondeau

Headed back to Rondeau on Tuesday.  Birding was painfully slow until today (Thursday).  The weather finally changed late Wednesday and we got rain for the evening.  It rained a bit off and on all night which obviously brought some birds in.
Tuesday I did a lot of walking with little results.  I came up with a Lawrence's Warbler at the very south end of Harrison Trail.  Shortly after I found a Brewster's!  Never had the two hybrid types in one day!

Whip-poor-wills were all over the park during the night.  No chuck though!
Wednesday morning I decided to walk out south beach.  Even birds were scarce out there.  Highlight was a trio of Willets that came in as I walked backed.  I managed to get rather close for full frame shots.

One of three Sandhills I saw....

Today was a different story.  Lots of birds had finally come in and in the nice weather birding was rather fun.  Rarities showed up including a Fish Crow, "Audubon's" Yellow-rumped Warbler, Summer Tanager, and Western Kingbird.  A fine day for some birders!   The adult male Summer Tanager was seen in the afternoon (after I headed out of course).  Vireos and flycatchers were in good supply as well.
Yellow-throated Warbler

Also in the afternoon a Western Kingbird was found south of the VC.  It was very active and apparently difficult to keep up with.  Here is a photo courtesy of Allen Woodliffe.  Long time since one has been around.

At Blenheim Lagoons, shorebirds are in including 3 Wilson's Phalaropes.  Also of interest is a Cackling Goose (not the smallest variety) and a mysterious swan.

Thought these photos turned out well of a Field Sparrow:

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  1. You are right. Excellent pics of the Field Sparrow.