Sunday, April 28, 2013

Slow Times at Rondeau

It has certainly been the slowest spring in recent memory for songbird migration.  It was warmer today, but eventually it started raining not helping matters for being outdoors.
A lot of walking at Rondeau produced very few birds!  An adult Little Gull of south point trail was the only bird of interest.  A feeding frenzy of mergs and bonies lasted briefly.

Along Rondeau Road we heard a Northern Waterthrush and an Ovenbird, and that was it for warblers there!
There was a handful of Yellow-rumped around plus a couple of Palms.  On marsh trail two or three Yellow Warblers were finally in.  In ten days or so they will be a dime a dozen.
Also of interest was a Vesper Sparrow as well as a Savannah Sparrow.  No Clay-colored here!  They will come soon enough.
Erieau had quite a few Horned Grebes in the Channel, but only a few bonies.
I checked Blenheim Lagoons for Eared Grebe with no luck.  Likely this week one will show.

The Lark Sparrow was last seen Friday eve.  I was the last to see it just as it was getting dark.  Many birders were looking on Saturday, but as far as I know it was not found.
Another view of the Prothonotary Warbler from yesterday:

There were three Common Loons on the Snye near Stewart Wetland later this afternoon (in the rain).  A nice sight.

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