Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

I checked out my morning spots on the way to work today.  Wet spots in fields are attracting lots of shorebirds, but I have only seen the common ones.

Beside Stewart Wetland, a Horned Grebe was in the canal.  A first for there!  I did not take time to get a decent photo.  If it was an Eared Grebe, I would have. lol.

Brander Park (Pointe Line) had only two or three Yellow-rumped Warblers among other things.  A Swamp Sparrow was singing a weak song which made me take a second look.
Still no gnatcatchers.  This has me baffled as I have never gone this long in April without seeing one.

Taking advantage of the sun

After work I stopped at Brander again and searched around, but things were rather quiet. Only a single Yellow-rumped Warbler was there around 5 p.m..

A Common Loon has been hanging around off Port Lambton.  I saw it late yesterday and again this morning.   On par for this time of year there.  Three Long-tailed Ducks were drifting downriver this morning.

It was obvious today that the weekend was over with sunny and warm conditions.  Seems like a broken record, but what can you do?
Trout Lillies

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