Thursday, March 21, 2013

Swan Song

I wish it was a Swan Song to winter, but winter is still holding on.  Very cold and ice is reforming!  It is certainly the opposite to last year, as we were seeing record-early butterflies by this time.

Tundra Swans have been collecting in a corn field just outside Wallaceburg this week.  Up to about 700 at a time.  Some coming and going all the time.

On the way home this afternoon I noticed one cold Tree Swallow flying over the Snye.
A number of geese and ducks were on the Snye this morning, but I have not been doing too much looking this week as it has been a busy week.  Recently my car has been in for some repairs.  I guess all this bird-watching does a lot of wear a tear on it.  I do too much driving anymore!  But, with the spring rush just around the corner, it needs to be in top shape.  Luckily some of it was still under warranty.  Must cut down on trips to Point Pelee.  Ha!

A second Eurasian Wigeon has been confirmed for Point Pelee as found by  a couple of Jeremy's (!).  Apparently there is a difference in the two, as one has a more extended crown stripe. I looked at my photos from last weekend and that one had an extended stripe.

I was not surprised to hear that two of the Eurasian variety were present.  Just the other day I was thinking that it would not be surprising if another one was found.  Conditions were not all that good last Saturday (lighting and distance) and I was almost certain that I saw another one farther back amongst the 'pack' of constantly moving ducks.  I could not see the closer one (in my photo) from my first position until I moved to the other side of that house.  At the time I thought if it was an Eurasian Wigeon, it did not have much of a crown stripe.  But, I passed it off as I could not locate it again.
Eurasian Wigeons seemed to be turning up more regularly.  There were quite a few last year, and then there was the earlier one at Shrewsbury this year.  I think one was near Hamilton as well.

Weather looks good this weekend for birding, but then again..............

Been working on this puppy lately:

1970 Chris Craft XK-19

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