Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rondeau Ramble Today

Nothing noteworthy today, so a quick post to keep you blog addicts happy. (lol)
I did quite a bit of walking in Rondeau today as well as at Erieau.  It seemed to be an "off" day as there was not much around.  Hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls though.  It is a good time to find a Mew Gull, so be wary!

off south point east beach

It was fairly cold today, and no sun. It was supposed to be a sunny weekend, but you know the drill.....
Lots of ice still around.

The V.C. feeders just had the usual common birds.
not a Song Sparrow!

A fair number of geese were around Shrewsbury, but I could not find the 15 Ross's. They were reported today, but perhaps they were down in a field while I was looking.
I checked out the R/R track trail at Erieau (+McGeachy) and lots of Song Sparrows were in.  A group of 15+ was near the viewing stand.
Saw my FOY Killdeer near Erieau today.
American Coots were scattered around Erieau as many of them successfully wintered.

Tundra Swan numbers are building up with many in the area today.  Some were at Pinehurst as well, but it was mostly frozen too.

Grotto at McGeachy


  1. Blog junkies rule

    Quiet today in the Pelee area , 7 raptor species including a Turkey Vulture .

    Afternoon Shift

  2. I know who Anonymous is, if anyone needs to know in the future LOL!

  3. Blog junkies sure, but you supply a much needed ramble around, I consider your blog a look to see what is up in the CK area. Thank you