Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little White Geese at Ridgetown

I decided to head over to Ridgetown after work today.  Ross's and Snow Geese were still there.  This time there were 9 Ross's and 4 Snow Geese (3 blue morph) to be seen.  Sometimes the geese waddle over the far bank, so numbers can vary as to when you are present. (north cell).  The number varied at mid day when Ross Wood was there.
Too far away for any decent photo of the little white geese.

In the south pond a few Green-winged Teal among others were present.  Quite a few Ring-necked were in each of the cells.
Only one Tundra Swan was present!  Several swans were in fields near Botany to the north, as they are quite often.

Yesterday and especially on Tuesday, at least 1500 Tundra Swans were just outside the NW corner of Wallaceburg.  They seem to collect there quite often and are gone the next day.  More come in, then they are gone the next day.

Last night I posted a mystery photo taken by Allen Woodliffe in October 2009 along Rondeau's south point trail.  The angle and colouring creates the illusion of two or three possibilities, but Dickcissel fits. Obviously a hatch year bird.  Note large bill and short spiky tail.
Looks like Dwayne Murphy hit it right on! (Prizes are out of stock and back-ordered)

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