Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goose Poop

Taking a gander at some recent sighting reports, it appears that Greater White-fronted Geese have really made their  presence known. That insane number at Hillman on the weekend we already know about, and others have been popping up around southern Ontario. (Are they STILL there??).
Late yesterday I was up at Sarnia and found out that Eric Marcum saw another white-fronted at the Hiawatha Racetrack.  Back on March 17 he also had 9 near the north end of Modeland Road in a wet area.  That was an interesting spot as among the many ducks (including Blue-winged Teal), a very early Pectoral Sandpiper was probing around.
Yesterday two more white-fronted were seen just south south of Petrolia.
I remember when Greater White-fronted was rather rare in Ontario!  It even required write-up I think.  My first two were down near St. Clair NWA in January 1993 and it was a big deal.

Yesterday I was up to Sarnia for an evening meeting of Lambton Wildlife.  I checked around Sarnia Bay and lots of gulls were still around.  At least fifteen Glaucous were in Sarnia Bay among others.  By the way, that first cycle Iceland is still at LGS on the St. Clair River!

Glaucous Gull

I had a good chat with others at the meeting including Eric (we finally got that email thing straightened out!).  Maris Apse mentioned that he had an Osprey fly over his house on March 21.  Quite early for one, and certainly beats my earliest sighting by a longshot!

More Ross's Geese showed up at Ridgetown as you all know (up to nine on Sunday). Another goose species that has certainly increased in number lately.

Here are some teal photos by Mike Bouman at Hillman Marsh. (just thought I'd throw them in as I have no new photos of my own).


  1. Hey Blake, is that one teal with the white stripe on the scapulars one of those American/Eurasian intergrades ??

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