Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Geese and End of Winter

Still lots of ice around, but it is disappearing.

One thing is certainly evident, Greater White-fronted Geese have shown up all over the place recently.  Last week a record number at Hillman Marsh.
On Monday, nine (9) hung out at Erieau pier area.  Some Ross's and Snows were still there too.
Yesterday I had a report of about 11 at the north end of Port Lambton on the St. Clair River.  (I should have gone a couple km farther first thing in the morning!).  I did not know about them till I got home late in the afternoon, otherwise I may have seen some.
Today Mike Bouman did some looking and found 11 nervous birds at the north end of Fawn Island!  Hardly a goose to be found later today.  The geese are quite unpredictable as to location and numbers on the river.
On the weekend, a Michigan birding group found eight (8) at St. Clair.
Strangely, I have never come across any in the Wallaceburg area (or the river) in all my years of birding.  And, these are the first I have ever heard of on the river.  No doubt there have been some in the past, but I have no records.

I did a bit of looking this morning up to the north end of Port Lambton, but only Canada Geese were visible (and lots of them!).
Ducks are all along the river, mostly Redhead and Canvasback of course.  Too many to look at!
Now that February is about over, it is time for spring birding!

Cardinals have been singing for a couple of weeks

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