Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunset on the St. Clair

I took a drive along the St. Clair River after work today.  There was a nice sunset developing after a gloomy day.  I noticed that the water level is lower than it ever has been.  Mud everywhere!

Ducks, geese and swans were spread out.  I noticed  quite a few more Tundra Swans today.  I stopped for a walk at Cathcart Park where most of the waterfowl congregates.  As I arrived, an adult Bald Eagle took off from one of the trees.  Lots of geese still, but no sign of a cackler.  Lots of swans too, probably three species!

A while after I got home I received some photos from Mike Bouman taken at Cathcart that show a very large swan taken earlier today.  It appears to be a Trumpeter (with no tags).  Not often we get a Trumpeter in these parts.

I spent some time there enjoying the orange glow. I only had the big lens today.  Driving through the countryside later was rather scenic.


  1. What's that little dinky swan on the right that is sleeping with the standing three swans, including the one Trumpeter?