Friday, January 4, 2013

Nature Photography: A Local Connection

(my photo from last spring--saw this duck today!)

The Wallaceburg CBC on December 29 was perhaps privileged to have Rob and Ann Simpson on the count.  Rob and Ann who hail from Stephen's City, Virginia were in the area to visit Rob's mother in Dresden and decided to take in the bird count.  They are very well known nature photographers where their work has adorned many books, magazines and other publications and they have even produced their own guide books.  More are on the way!
Rob grew up in the Tupperville area and attended high school in Wallaceburg.  Eventually he ended up in the State of Virginia where he is a biology professor at Lord Fairfax College.  Ann is also a teacher of biology, and they both instruct photography classes.

Every Christmas they visit the area and do a bit of bird watching.  The last few years Rob has contacted me to see what birds were in the vicinity.  This year was no exception as they were interested in northern finches.  I indicated that most had already moved through in search of food, but I gave my best shot at suggesting birding spots.
Their visit was within the time period of our local CBC, so Rob and Ann helped us out.  In fact they found a couple of species on the St. Clair River that nobody else recorded!

I have one book here on birds with a photo of a pair of owls on the cover taken by the Simpson's.  A stunning photo of a pair of Screech-owls.

A link to their website is:

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