Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gullz on the River

Late this afternoon I noticed that a lot of gulls are on the big river.  Several Glaucous and all those Great Black-backed. A big winter for the black-backed.  Wish I had time for a thorough look today!

Most of the swans have moved to the head of Fawn Island.

Historical perspective for P. C....
Scene at Sombra over 100 years ago.  The main road used to run right along the river.

Building on piles over the water was the cheese factory.  This building still exists, only a bit inland.  My great-grandfather John Dalgety started a Thistle Rubber Type Works (rubber stamps) in the building.  He died young but my great grandmother continued the business.  After the Great Storm of 1913, she had the building moved inland (rolled on logs!) in the winter.  When the highway was moved inland, it had to be moved again for road allowance!
It still exists today at the corner of St. Clair Parkway and South St. as an outlet for Henry Smith prop repair.

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