Thursday, December 6, 2012

Low, low, low...

(just thought this was nice!)
Still lacking in significant precipitation (except on weekends!!), water levels continue to drop.  The US Corp of Engineers predicts record low water levels for Lakes Huron and Michigan early in the new year.
1964 levels were the lowest in recorded history.

Lots of mud everywhere now.  I took these photos this morning off Brander Park, Port Lambton.
Baby Point

There is a very nice mudlflat on Walpole Island (where the Black-necked Stilt was in 2001) but I have not seen much there any time I have gone by.  Still waiting for a late shorebird.....!


  1. There's too much habitat if a rare shorebird showed up anyways, it seems! Hopefully the levels will be low next spring - more incentive for migrant shorebirds to actually hang out in southern Ontario for a bit.

  2. What we really need is a bit of snow and ice, but just a little bit. That will bring whatever shorebirds are left into areas where they typically hang around the latest -- like Rondeau Bay, Hillman Marsh, Sturgeon Creek, etc. Weather predictions look excellent for the first weekend of the CBCs --- there are going to be a LOT of crazy-late species found!

  3. I fully agree we need some snow and colder weather. I'll hold you to it for these crazy-late species, Alan!

  4. Chestnut-sided Warbler today at Erieau (my CBC territory!) --- just the first of many crazies that will be found during the next few weeks!