Friday, December 21, 2012

A Few Gulls

Finished work early today so I checked out the St. Clair River to Mooretown this afternoon.  Not much to look at!  We need cold and ice to bring ducks and gulls (in numbers) into the river.  The strong wind did not help as I suspect some ducks were hugging the Michigan shoreline.

A good number of gulls were at the outlet of the Lambton Generating Station.  Quite a few Great Black-backed and Herrring.  As well, a fair number of Ring-billed.  The rings usually get scarce on the river by this time of year, so hopefully some will stick around another week for the Wallaceburg CBC on the 29th.

A young Glaucous Gull was the only notable one there.

I drove some back roads home, but did not see much.  Two small flocks of Snow Buntings were nice and only a few Horned Larks.  The larks have been scarce lately!
A couple of sparrow types dove into ditches as I drove by, but I could not get on them.
Hawks, as I mentioned before, are very scarce so far.  Only saw one Northern Harrier!

Hopefully things will pick up now that we have some colder weather and snow to concentrate birds.


  1. Blake, I still haven't seen a Glaucous Gull!

  2. Dwayne, maybe Santa Claus will bring one in for you!