Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Update

Warblers were in good numbers this morning.  About a dozen species were at Brander Park, Port Lambton and I heard lots flying overhead.  Too bad it was a weekday.  It was crappy weather, but birds were around.
I noticed a bunch more Sandhill Cranes in the fields yesterday.
I never heard if anyone checked out Point Edward this week.  Winds were more NE, not the best for there, but still decent.  I look forward to getting up there more this fall.  A Red Knot was at Kettle Point a couple of days ago.  Seems to be a few around.  A couple were found on Belle Isle on the Detroit River today--a first for there!

This weekend I will be visiting the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory up at Cabot Head.  It is such a fabulous spot.  (The former header photo for this blog was taken there)

I first stayed at the place back in August 2002 for a volunteering weekend. I sort of fell in love with the place.  There is an open house on Saturday in which visitors can check out the place.
It is a good spot to find Massasauga Rattlesnakes!  On one of our hikes we found a couple.

We were following one of the original trails of the Bruce Trail.  The area is now a Nature Reserve, so the trail was relocated.

After Saturday I will be travelling around, so no more posts on this blog for a while!

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